A little hope perhaps.

I didn’t intend on writing a blog, but when I started to realise that the Facebook status was becoming an essay I thought why not give people the choice as to whether they want to hear my opinion. (Aha, that’s another blog in itself right?) Also, note that word, opinion. Meaning, this is not fact, nor do I believe that what I’m saying is fact, this is simply my view on things, typing away. I’m aware of this, it’s just a gentle reminder for you too, and that it’s okay to disagree or to have your own opinion. That’s already progress.

I’ve been thinking about the whole International Women’s Day. I mean generally speaking, I think that having a day to celebrate and preach about being female does not promote equality of the sexes but in fact the exact opposite – third wave feminism shiz right there. But that’s not dismissing the women who need the day as encouragement either. (But that too is another blog – ah why is blogging so hard?)

What I did notice on Tuesday though, is that most tweets and Facebook statuses on the day for once were not about the latest height of one of the Kardashian’s lip or what name Cheryl is now using, but women related things directed to ‘other’ women, meaning the real women – meaning girls like you and I. This too is progress.

Long may we continue to have opinions and inspirations based on our individual interests.

You see,  I fear that a lot of women these days, (or the ladies that surround my Social Media), are influenced by women of power, these reality TV star celebrities with incomes of seven digits – and the rest. It seems that there’s this pressure on girls to try and be mainstream, remain current and be ‘hip’. But with Instagram accounts showcasing perfect contouring, sorry, I mean filters, sorry, I mean beauty, and Kim Kardashian’s naked selfies… is that reeeally what young women aspire to? I mean, there’s nothing wrong in seeing it, if you have an opinion on it, but to those who follow this false lifestyle, like truly, in my opinion, is just silly.

I suggest let real women inspire you. You know, people who have attributes that you personally find attractive. These women, I guarantee, also have flaws. Don’t allow these Social Media accounts, although visually pretty, blind you into thinking that this is the norm of how women should be – perfect.

We’re not perfect at all. The people who I call my friends are total psychos. Me included.(Because lets face it ladies – we are). But I, one girl out of a whole gazillion women on this earth, I alone suffer with word vomit, bags under my eyes, an extremely scatty brain, a temper, a huge appetite, like I’m a total goofball – a mess some friends would say. I’m guilty of taking the odd selfie. I have my down days and my hyper moments. I’m human. And wait for it, that’s FIINEEE. But, I’d like to think I’m intelligent enough to acknowledge and accept all breeds of women because what would us other women be without those celebrities right? How would you know who you want to be without the extremes?

There are so many ways to gain people’s respect that doesn’t jeopardise your own.

So if you’re reading this thinking you may be on the borderline then I’m not trying to change anyone’s life here, but this is just some text with a little hope that maybe you’ll value yourself and learn some decorum, what’s that quote? Be an Audrey anyone else in a world full of Kardashians.*

Period. (Pardon the pun).

Ps. I so just wrote my first blog?!!?!?

*(Sorry for slating the Kardashian’s but they’re just the classic example of media corruption)